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New Client Onboarding (SEO) .

As a new client of Kato360, we would like to welcome you on board. We really hope you enjoy your SEO Campaign as much as we do!


  1. Client Information & Access
  2. SERanking
  3. Invoices
  4. Reporting
  5. Campaign Layout / Structure Month 1 + Months 2-4+
  6. Content Creation + AI

Clients needs to make sure we are given all the correct details in terms of address, scope of work etc
Buy starting a campaign with Kato360 and settling the 1st invoice you fully agree with our T&C’s

  1. Client Information & Access

We will need access to the following:
Website Login to lmsdesigns4@gmail.com (admin access) (instructions)
Google Analytics to lmsdesigns4@gmail.com (admin access) (instructions)
Google Search Console to lmsdesigns4@gmail.com (admin access) (instructions)
GBP (Google Business Profile) Access to lmsdesigns4@gmail.com (manager) (instructions)

NOTE: From commencement, ie invoice settled for month one and info sent, each client has 21 days to help us get month 1 completed (the reason for this is we have started several campaigns and 3 months later month 1 is still not completed because we are still waiting on our clients for more info / feedback etc)

  1. SERanking (we are also busy looking at Agency Analytics and might move over reporting to https://agencyanalytics.com/ )
 This is the software we use to track keyword ranking on Google. Each clients also gets a unique URL, where you can track progress anytime (the software updates rankings one per week, normally on a Sunday). Rankings fluctuate same as any other “graph” it goes up and down depending on ALLOT of factors from Google, users on your site and so forth.
Please remember SEO is a waiting game, most campaigns is between 6 months to 1 year, most companies still keep on going after a year. Do note with some campaigns we can already see a movement in rankings as early as month 2.
  2. Invoices
    Invoices are normally sent out around the 20th of each month, to be settled no later than the 1st of the new month (we are a business with cost and staff). Note, when we start a campaign, any campaign, we bill monthly as stipulated here, regardless if a client takes 1 day or 14 days to send us info needed to get started (happens often). Please note we do not sign contracts with clients, cancellations for budgets up to $499 are 1 calender month, For campaign budgets $500 – $1499 are 2 Calender Months notice & Budgets $1500+ are 3 Calender Month’s Notice (penalty fee apply if insufficient notice)(media rooms will also be cancelled / removed upon termination, this might.. or might not result in a drop in rankings). We determine a campaign length before we start, Campaigns will run until we have received notice of cancellation for all our services.
We can take on new campaigns in any category up to the 12th of each month (meaning if you onboard and settle your invoice by the 12th we can still work within month 1). We do not bill per hour, we bill per calender month, regardless of the starting date, as each campaign has a set amount of work to do for that specific month regardless if it takes 6 or 20 hours to complete, we do whatever is necessary to make a campaign successful). Please note we do not do refunds.
  3. Reporting(manual reporting are going away in 2024!)
    Monthly you will get 2 reports (after month 1) (reports are sent out between the 26th and 10th of the next month (MOST reports are done between the 26th and month end), it all depends on the size of the campaign). a Manual Report sent out by Kato360 explaining what we have done the previous month. and manual reports are only sent until a website starts to rank on Google, this is normally between month 3-6. We will also let you know once you go over into automated reports only. Automated Report from SERanking (options for weekly reports for various stats are also possible). Please also remember at any time you can Whatsapp or email us with any questions.
    We try our best to accommodate client within our reporting structure but please note due to the nature of SEO and how SEO works we report on Technial SEO, Optimization, Content and Backlinks (in our initial manual reports) (backlinks are only month 1 and 2… except Media Rooms).
    Our reporting software from SE Ranking are as per industry standard SEO Reports
  4. Campaign Layout / Structure Month  1 + Months 2-4+(our framework of SEO is also busy changing in order to give clients better results)
    We suggest you look at this page, it is a basic explanation of what we do within the first few months to get a campaign up and running. Please remember it is only a basic explanation of what we do: https://kato360.io/seo-case-studies/
  5. Content Creation
    All content a created using AI, mostly ChatGPT but we also use other platforms.
    Note about AI content: We know that Google can detect AI-generated content; however, it does not penalise AI content in itself but rather penalises poor content in general. So, a human eye to review content, elevate it where necessary, and ensure the text is accurate and original is key.
    This is directly from Google https://developers.google.com/search/blog/2023/02/google-search-and-ai-content

NOTE: Kato360 Reserves the right to use Client Ranking Results in promotion of the business (Kato360) without client consent, unless and NDA is signed by both parties

Here is more info on SEO and why it takes time to get results

Our Clients.

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