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We have had a lot of clients asking to explain how we successfully start a base campaign and rank our clients so well. Within this PDF we will attempt to give you a brief overview of what we do for all SEO Clients & also some proof of rankings below.


Below is a guideline as to how we work, and how we approach each new client
Each website has a different backlink profile, different domain age,built on different platforms (we work mostly on WordPress but also Wix/Weebly or similar), different content, pages etc etc etc

BUT regardless of what a client’s niche or site is, here is what we have found to start getting decent results, this is normally done within 1 to 3 months of a campaign, where we also start with a Backlink Audit, Technical & On-Page in month 1 
(of course, all this depends on a clients budget)

MONTH 1 - 3

  • Keyword Research
  • Backlink Audit (preferably completed in month 1)
  • Technical SEO (90% of campaigns only needs basics done, if advanced is needed we do talk to the client and spread over 3 months or add additional hours to month 1 or the month we are doing this in)
  • On-Page (preferably completed in month 1)
  • We also start with some link building depending on a clients budget and you are looking at Citations (GBP – Google Business Profile), Foundation Links, Social Profiles, Social Signals, Foundational Web2.0, DAS (domain authority stacking), Press Release (sometimes, not always needed)


  • This is where we bring out the big boyz! 😊
  • Niche Edits
  • Guest Posting
  • (there is a few other link types we also do)
  • We also love doing link building to inner pages of a site, keeping anchor text ratio in mind and we also then start with Backlinks to Backlinks ie we actually also build out Tiered Backlinks (up to 4 tiers) to a sites Social Media pages, to citations, Google Business Profile Posts (yes you can build links to a GBP post), later to their Guest Posts etc and THIS is when SEO gets really fun and you start seeing decent increases (normally month 4 – 6)

To recap, this is only a base strategy & works with for most niches. However there are times that this strategy is only used as an add-on strategy to a predominantly content / blogging  strategy for instance. When we look at clients looking to rank for medium to high difficulty keywords nationally or globally… and especially countries like USA, Canada, UK and Australia when tend to go a bit more with a well planned content strategy.

This is a GBP (Google Business Profile) Campaign running alongside an organic campaign ranking locally and nationally for multiple keywords

This is a GBP (Google Business Profile) Campaign just aimed at the local market, ranking really really well

This is a GBP (Google Business Profile) Campaign just aimed at the local market, ranking really really well in Cape Town



When working with LSA Local SEO Agency you will find an agency that give results & you will also receive 2 reports monthly, a Manual report and also an automated report with more data re your campaign as well as your own login at www.seranking.com where you can check on your progress

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